Billing Questions

After receiving services at TOSC, three financial statements will be issued to patients’ insurance carriers. The first corresponds to the physician’s services, the second to the facility fees, and the third to the anesthesia administration.

The TOSC Business Office will determine the patient’s responsibility by reviewing his or her benefits package and calculating deductibles and coinsurance. Prior to your procedure, you will be notified of the estimated surgery deposit that should be paid on the day of the procedure or prior. Please review our Insurance page for more information or contact our Business office at (919) 596-8524 with questions or concerns.

In an effort to keep our patients informed, you will receive separate invoices from the following entities:
Surgical Facility – Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center (TOSC)
Surgeons Office – EmergeOrtho (formerly Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.)

Depending on your procedure you may also receive separate invoices from the following entities:
Anesthesia – Regional Anesthesia; Call (919)-470-6185 for anesthesia billing questions.
REX Pathology – if culture or specimen is obtained and sent for analysis.
Durable Medical Equipment – items such as crutches, sling, and/or immobilizer as applicable.

*Please note: Emerge Ortho, formerly Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., and Triangle Orthopaedics Surgery Center (TOSC) are two separate entities and each are billed separately. Our pre-surgical deposits are for services rendered by TOSC only. You may also need to pay a separate deposit to Emerge Ortho for your surgeon’s fee.

Refund Policy

Per NC § 131E-91(b) Fair billing and collections practices for hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities.

Patient Refund Policy: If a patient has overpaid the amount due to the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility, whether as the result of insurance coverage, patient error, health care facility billing error, or other cause, and the overpayment is not in dispute or on appeal, the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility shall provide the patient with a refund within 45 days of receiving notice of the overpayment.

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